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The following is email correspondence:

April 7, 2000, from Lisa Rieger to various Boone cousins

Hi Everyone!

Tax time is almost over! Hurray!

Cousin Michelle did some research recently in the Washington County, Maryland area a couple of weeks ago. She found some remarkable things!

I don't know about you, but I've been relying on a book about Boone Genealogy called "The Boone Family" by Hazel Atterbury Spraker. I heard it was very accurate. But lately surfing the internet, I've been seeing a Joseph Boone as a son of William Boone and Susanna Parks.

William Boone, who married Susanna Parks in 1778, was the grandson of George Boone IV, brother to Squire Boone, who was father of "the" Daniel Boone. William and Susanna were founders of Boonsboro, MD in Washington County, MD.

Cousin Michelle found that William and Susanna DID have a son named Joseph, and she sent me a copy of the following document:

"Know all men by these presents that whereas William Boone late of Washington County deceased ? owned and possesed when living a house and lot in the town of Boonsboro distinguished by number eight, which property Susanna Boone the widow of said William Boone at present occupies, and after he decease w? the property of the heirs of said William Boone to be equally divided among the said heirs viz Mordacai, William, Daniel, Charlotte, Sarah and Joseph Boone, and whereas I the said Joseph Boone am desirous of selling my claim and interest in and to said property, do therefore for and in consideration of the sum of ninety four? dollars and ninety cents current money to me in hand paid by Brady Mason and Thomas C Brout?/Brent? of Washington County Maryland (that is to say fifty one dollars and sixty three cents paid me by Brady Mason and forty four dollars and ?four cents paid me by Thomas C. Brent?) sell and convey to the said Brady and Mason and Thomas C. Brent? all my rights claim part interest and demand of the aforesaid property and do hereby release for myself my heirs executors and administrators for ? to be and remain the share ? and property of Brady Mason and Thomas C. Brent (to be d? decided? between them in proportion to the amount of the purchase money paid by each to me) their heirs and assigns for ever in witness? thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal

in the presend? of

There is a signature here of Joseph Boone, and following:

State of Maryland

Washington County

On this seventh day of June eighteen hundred and twenty seven before us the

(etc. - I'm going to scan this document for all of you.) SEE DOCUMENT BELOW

ANYHOW - the important thing, this Joseph sold his land in 1827! Perfect timing for our Joseph - he had children born in 1828 in OHIO!

THE ONLY THING - I am sending an attachment of four signatures. The first signature is the Joseph Boone who signed this document. The other 3 are from our Joseph Boone in the 1855-1858 time frame on the Slater documents.

This is almost a thirty year difference. Because I am so hopeful, I keep seeing the attributes that are consistent and I keep ignoring the differences. What do you think? It is possible the the first signature was written by the person who prepared document for entering in the courthouse book, and not the Joseph in person???

Some other facts from what Michelle sent me:

"William Boone, heralded as the founder of this town (Boonsboro, MD) was not, as is frequently believed, the brother of Daniel boone. However, the two were related and William was particularly close to Daniel's brother, George......Boonesboro had its origin around 1787. The home of William Boone and his family of six is reported by local Historian Doyle Moore to have been in the rear of the old Salem Church. At his death in 1798, our town had expanded to include five houses and thirty people."

The more I think of this, what are the odds of a man named Joseph Boone being born in Maryland, marrying in Washington Co., MD in 1817, naming a son "Parks", and NOT being this Joseph?



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The 3  highlighted  signatures of our Joseph Boone are below; the top signature is from the document above.

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